YellowBelly Brewery Releases Blueberry Hill IPA

ST. JOHN’S, NL – YellowBelly Brewery has announced the release of a new beer developed by a local award-winning homebrewer.

Blueberry Hill (6% abv, “late twenties” IBU) is a blueberry IPA created by Craig Farewell for the most recent Newfermenters homebrewing club brew-off, where it took an award sponsored by YellowBelly. The recipe has been scaled up by YellowBelly’s Liam Mckenna, who describes it as follows:

It is a ‘milkshake’ beer… meaning it has had some lactose (milk sugar) added. Lactose is unfermentable by yeast and thus leaves its sweetness in the final beer. The lactose helps the berries to ‘pop’… half of which were added to primary and the other half to secondary (>100 kg). The Funktown blend (Vermont ale/S. trois) of yeast brings it’s own fruitiness as well as a bit of ‘funk’. It is filtered lightly. This yeast blend had dropped ‘bright’ even before filtration. The mango/pineapple flavours of this blend further enhance this ales fruitiness. To round it out with even more fruit character, is the significant Citra dry hop with its citrus/passonfruit/lychee notes make this quite a juicy fruit bomb.

Blueberry Hill is on tap now at the YellowBelly brewpub, and will be available in growlers at the recently opened YellowBelly Takeaway store starting tomorrow (November 10th) while supplies last.

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