Trider’s Chaga-Lug Brown Ale Now Available

AMHERST, NS – Trider’s Craft Beer has announced the release of a new seasonal beer that uses a distinctive and unique local ingredient.

Chaga-Lug Brown Ale (5.1% abv) is a dark ale brewed with honey and chaga mushrooms, which is described in more detail by Maritime Beer Report:

It is an earthy, crisp, refreshing Northern English Brown Ale that has steeped Chaga harvested by Shawee, a real life Lumberjack, giving it a deep brown colour. They topped it off with copious amounts of Nappan Wildflower Honey, so you’ll also catch a light bodied honey tartness. The secret blend of hops were grown right here in Amherst by locally notorious home brewer Jeff Smith.

Chaga-Lug Brown Ale is available now at Trider’s in growlers, with 500 ml bottles to follow soon.

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