Nickel Brook Releasing Mystery Pack & Asking Fans to Pick Favourite for LCBO Release

BURLINGTON, ON – Nickel Brook Brewing has announced a unique new mixed pack that will offer minimal information about the beers it contains, while asking customers to pick their favourite for a future stand-alone release.

The Nickel Brook Mystery Pack features 473 ml cans of four beers that are simply named A, B, C, and D, with no other details aside from the abv and ingredients provided for each of them.

Those who purchase and try the beers will be invited to visit a page on the Nickel Brook website where they can vote on their favourite, with the winner being released under it’s full name and branding at the LCBO in spring 2018.

The Mystery Pack will be available at the Nickel Brook retail store and select LCBO outlets starting in early December.

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