Great Lakes Brewery Announces Trio of Releases for Dark Beer Friday

TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery has announced its own version of Black Friday, with Dark Beer Friday set to take place tomorrow (November 24th) with the release of three dark and intense beers, including “two returning favourites and […] a new behemoth of a beer.”

Starting at 12:00 noon, the GLB retail store will be offering 473 ml cans of the always anticipated Harry Porter (6.5% abv) and Harry Porter & The Bourbon Soaked Vanilla Bean (6.5% abv), as well as 650 ml bottles of the brand new 30th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout with Cold Brewed Coffee, Vanilla & Cocoa (11.9% abv, 70 IBU) which is described as follows:

The pour of this complex Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout looks slick and oily as it enters the glass, black as midnight. A dense mocha head sits gracefully atop the liquid offering a stunning visual. Whether your glass is right in front of you or across the room, aromas of chocolate, bourbon, espresso and vanilla fill your realm. They intertwine and mingle nicely. The first sip is one you’ll remember as a flood of bold flavours attack the palate. Molasses, fig, bourbon and aged wood play alongside notes of refined coffee, creme brûlée, warming alcohol and weathered plum. Velvety, bold, luscious, and soft. A long finish leaving behind a spider web of lacing. Let this one breathe. Lie some down to age. Embrace the boldness and enjoy the ride.

Complimentary beer samples will be offered throughout the day, and chocolate brownies and blue cheese will be available to pair with the beers while supplies last.

The 30th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout will be released in a limited run of bottles with gold leaf decoration that will be sold for $15.50 exclusively at the brewery over the weekend, before launching at select LCBO locations next week.

For more details, see the full announcement on the GLB website.

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