Innis & Gunn Releases Vanishing Point 01 Imperial Stout and Frank & Sense Golden Ale

TORONTO, ON – Innis & Gunn has announced that two new limited edition beers for the winter season are now available in Canada.

Vanishing Point 01 (11% abv) is the first in a new series of beers that will “showcase a selection of small batch limited-edition brews that push the boundaries of brewing.” The first edition is an Imperial Stout that is described as follows:

Aged in first-fill bourbon barrels for 200 days, Vanishing Point 01 was brewed with one thing in mind: flavour. Top quality ingredients were hand-selected to ensure a bold beer bursting with the smells and tastes of fresh ground coffee, dark chocolate, coconut and vanilla.

Frank & Sense (5.8% abv) is a holiday golden ale that has been aged on real gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It has the following notes:

This golden ale is packed full of lovely hop and malt character and elevated with the infusion of three of the oldest ingredients in the book. The result? A full beer packed with luscious malts on the nose, and flavours of rich buttered toast and toffee popcorn on the palate, complete with a warming and balanced finish.

Both beers are available now or soon at liquor retailers in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. For details on availability and pricing, check with local retailers.

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