Anderson Craft Ales & London Brewing Co-op Co-Hosting Old East Village Collaboration Celebration

LONDON, ON – Anderson Craft Ales and London Brewing Co-op have both been instrumental the ongoing revival of London’s Old East Village area, and that neighbourly spirit will be in full force this weekend with a community event at both breweries.

As reported by the London Free Press, the Old East Village Collaboration Celebration will be taking place on Saturday December 9th, and will feature the debut of two new beers:

“The Sweet Potato Rye, a recipe developed by Aaron (Lawrence, of LBC), features 100 per cent local ingredients including roasted local organic sweet potatoes and locally grown ginger from Loco Fields in Stratford,” LBC’s David Thuss said in an email. “The Rum Raisin Brown is Gavin’s (Anderson) creation and features some rich crystal and chocolate malts and real raisins soaked in rum added during secondary fermentation.”

Both locations will also feature food vendors – JBogal Foods Pierogi at Anderson, Rosie’s Streetery at LBC – and live music throughout the day and evening.

For more details, see the full London Free Press article (source of the photo above), and the Facebook event listing.

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