Kettle River Brewing Announces Limited Releases for December

KELOWNA, BC – Kettle River Brewing has announced details of several limited edition beers that will be available this month.

Released this past Wednesday December 8th was Graf: A Belgian Strong Apfelwein (9% abv), a beer/cider hybrid described as a “perfect blend of toasty caramel, Belgian spice and dessert apples”.

Coming up on Wednesday December 20th is a dual release of Tombstone Double Black IPA (8.7% abv), which is “dark [and] roasty but still jam packed with a citrusy, fruity hop goodness; and Spruce Willis IPA (6.4% abv), a white IPA with spruce tips which “not unlike Bruce Willis himself, has a pasty light complexion, a seemingly hard exterior, but really is a big softy when you get down to it.”

In keeping with the theme of the latter beer, as well as the release’s proximity to Christmas, there will be a screening Die Hard at Kettle River on December 20th at 8:00 PM.

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