Bandit Brewery Releases 2017 Vintage of Hibernator Imperial Stout

TORONTO, ONBandit Brewery has announced the release of its second annual vintage of special limited edition strong beer for the holidays.

Hibernator 2017 (8.2% abv) is a “Brett Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Blend” described as follows:

Our goal for this year’s Hibernator release was to make something that while aging and drying out would bring forward the Brett fruitiness, orange and chocolate aromas of the beer. This year’s version, while only slightly higher in package ABV, accomplished exactly what we had hoped for. By blending an Imperial Brett orange Stout with an American Stout, we managed to round out some of the roast characters with the fruitiness of the barrel beer. The Imperial Stout was brewed back in July of 2016 and has been allowed to age for just over 15 months in a barrel with orange peel and Brett, which resulted in a distinctive chocolate/orange profile.

Hibernator 2017 is being released today (December 15th) in a limited run of 300 x 750 ml bottles available exclusively at the Bandit retail store, with a purchase limited of 4 bottles per customer. For more details, see the full release announcement.

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