Square Timber Brewing Releases Pembroke Pils

PEMBROKE, ON – Square Timber Brewing has announced the release of a new beer aimed at those looking for “a smooth & easy drinking every day beer without neglecting or sacrificing on quality and taste.”

Pembroke Pils (4.5% abv, 36 IBU) takes its name from the brewery’s hometown, and is described as “a rich, playful, pale bohemian pilsner with a bready malt flavour, spicy hop character and a smooth rounded finish.”

As explained by head brewer Eric Mainville: “As much as we love hoppy IPA’s, big Belgian quads and rich dark stouts, we felt there was a space in our beer lineup for something that would both attract new craft beer drinkers but still be interesting enough for the more experienced craft beer enthusiasts to enjoy.”

Pembroke Pils is available now in 473 ml cans at the brewery and on draught at local bars and restaurants.

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