Coalesce Brewing Releasing Plum Foreward and Lou Witbier This Weekend

PORT MOODY, BC – Coalesce Brewing – the independent brewing project set up by Ryan Voigt of Twin Sails Brewing to brew mixed fermentation and wood aged beers – has announced details of two new beers that will be released this weekend.

Plum Foreward (6.2% abv, 21 IBU) is a new variant of Foreword, the mixed fermentation barrel aged saison that was the first release from the project last autumn. It’s described as follows:

Plum Foreword [was] aged in oak barrels for 5 months before being refermented on 180g/L of beautiful organic Elephant Heart plums from our friends at Sapo Bravo Organics for another 2 months. Unfortunately the journey of this particular beer proved to be a challenge to say the least, and getting the beer off the fruit after refermentation was extremely difficult. This process resulted in us pulling more fruit particulate into the bottling tank, and subsequently into the bottle, than we intended, causing the beer to foam gently out the neck of the bottle when opened. Please chill this beer thoroughly and have a glass ready when opening!

Lou (4.1% abv, 13 IBU) is an “interpretation of a historical Witbier”, with the following notes:

Affectionately named after our wonderful furry companion, Lou is brewed with a grain bill made up almost entirely of malted and unmalted wheat; Wickup wheat malt from Mecca Grade and organic raw hard red winter wheat from Cedar Isle Farm. This beer was decoction mashed and lightly hopped with Saaz, gently spiced in the kettle with Grains of Paradise, and open fermented with a diverse mixed culture in our 500L open top puncheon before being moved to stainless for a brief maturation period and refermented in the bottle. We get lots of yeasty sourdough, fresh cut grass, and lemon peel from this zippy little beer. We want to drink this everyday, and we hope you do too.

Plum Foreward and Lou will both be released at Twin Sails tomorrow (January 13th) at 12:00 noon in limited runs of 500 ml bottles. Plum Forward will retail for $10/bottle and Lou for $6/bottle while supplies last, and a keg-conditioned version of Lou will also be available on tap. In addition, the two glasses shown in the photo will be available to purchase – $12 for the stemmed glass, $10 for the other – with both designs limited to 65 glasses.

For more details, see the Coalesce Brewing Instagram feed.

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