Howe Sound Super Jupiter Returns with New Recipe & Flavour

SQUAMISH, BC – Howe Sound Brewing has announced the release of the latest edition of a popular seasonal brand, although the beer behind the brand has changed somewhat from its original form.

Super Jupiter was originally released in 2013 as a 6.8% abv grapefruit IPA, but tweaks have been made over the years, and for this year’s version it’s now known as Super Jupiter Mango ISA (4.5% abv, 25 IBU) and is described as follows:

Still brewed to have a bit of a hop kick, the beer now takes a more ‘sessionable’ approach to make it even more refreshing. The change from grapefruit to mango adds to the unique flavour and smooth finish of this delicious brew. “With notes of tropical fruit, it has a clean malt profile that lets a large dry hop and the natural mango flavours shine through,” says Simon Jongsma, head brewer.

Super Jupiter is available at Howe Sound and select liquor stores in British Columbia.

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