Bellwoods Brewery Announces Next Three Releases in Barn Owl Series

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced details of the next three installments in its Barn Owl series of barrel-aged and blended beers.

Barn Owl #11 – which was originally planned for a January 20th release before being slightly delayed – will be out this Saturday January 27th, and is described as follows:

This one is not sour, but rather a farmhouse blend showcasing a complementary balance of soft saison notes with floral lavender aromatics. Gentle on the palate, with a subtle spicy finish, #11 is a refined libation to remind us that spring is a state of mind.

Barn Owl #12 will follow a week later on February 3rd, and has the following notes:

A mixed fermentation, tart and funky pale ale with a huge, dank dry hop. Lots of bright hop aromatics with a balancing fruity acidity on the palate. Aged 1 year.

Barn Owl #13 has been given the romantic release date of February 14th, with the following description:

Definitely the ‘sour’ out of these 3 releases, with dimension being provided from the mix of berries (heavy on the raspberry with just a hint of cranberry). Aged 18 months.

All three beers will be available at both Bellwoods retail stores at opening time on the release dates noted above, retailing for $14 per 500 ml bottle with purchase limits TBA.

[Photo from Bellwoods Brewery news blog]

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