Tusket Falls Brewing Pulls Hanging Oak Brand After Backlash

TUSKET, NS – CBC News reports that a brewery rural Nova Scotia brewery has pulled one of its beers from the market following complaints over its name and label.

Tusket Falls Brewing opened last month in Tusket, a small village near Yarmouth, and launched with four core brands named after local historic landmarks.

One of the beers was Hanging Oak Red IPA, which featured an oak tree with a noose on its label, an image that some found reminiscent the trees and nooses that were historically used for lynching blacks in the southern United States.

When the issue was first raised earlier this week, the brewery indicated that the tree being honoured by the name and label was used by local butchers to hang meat, and that they did not intend to change the branding. But after further backlash, a statement was released on Wednesday to announce that the branding would be discontinued, and to “sincerely apologize to everyone that may be offended by the name and imagery.”

For more details, see the full statement on the Tusket Falls Brewing Facebook page.

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