Bandit Brewery Releases Imperial Hoppelgänger Pilsner

TORONTO, ON – Bandit Brewery has announced the release of the first in a planned series of variations based on its popular dry-hopped pilsner, Hoppelgänger.

Imperial Hoppelgänger (8.4% abv) is described as follows:

Our brewers stepped up to the challenge to push the Lager yeast to a reasonably higher alcohol level, all while still maintaining the same qualities that people expect from a Lager or a Pilsner. This Imperial Hoppelgänger manages to accomplish both, and even though it’s hopped similarly to an IPA, it keeps the bitterness to a minimum.

Imperial Hoppelgänger will be released today (February 2nd) at 5:00 PM in the Bandit taproom and retail store, where it will be available while supplies last. For more details, see the full announcement on the Bandit website.

[Photo from Bandit Brewery website]

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