Big Rock Brewery Launches Pre-Orders for Lambic Style Kriek

CALGARY, AB & TORONTO, ON – Big Rock Brewery has announced that it is accepting pre-orders for an upcoming limited edition release that has been almost two years in the making.

Lambic Style Kriek (7.4% abv) is the latest beer in Big Rock’s Barrel Aged Edition series, and is also the first to be produced using the custom built 2,000-litre koelschip (or “coolship”) installed in an isolated wing of the Calgary brewery. It’s described as follows:

Introducing a Kriek that is wild at heart in the Lambic tradition, and tamed by the sweetness of cherries and Belgian sugar. After exposure to ambient air and spontaneous fermentation in our custom coolship, this beer follows authentic Lambic style – crafted using traditional methods and aged 16 months in wine barrels. A balance of sour and sweet that pours a rich red hue… welcome, the Belgian brother of the Barrel Series.

Lambic Style Kriek will be released on February 8th in a limited run of 3000 x 650 ml bottles that will be available exclusively at the Big Rock retail stores in Calgary, Etobicoke, and Toronto’s Liberty Village. It will be priced at $18.95 per bottle, and can be pre-ordered for pick up on the Big Rock website.

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