Burdock Brewery Announces Release Details for Bumo IV Collaboration with Pearl Morissette Winery

TORONTO, ON – Burdock Brewery has announced details of the upcoming fourth release in its series of collaborations with Niagara Region winery Pearl Morissette.

Bumo IV is a beer-wine hybrid – or “grape ale” – that head brewer Dave Everitt describes as follows:

Bumo IV differs from its predecessors in a number of ways. Primarily, the wine component is Cabernet Franc not Pinot Noir as was it was for the first three. Although Bumo IV tastes more like wine than our other Bumi (Bumi being the plural of Bumo), wine content is actually lower, clocking in around 20%. One part of the saison in Bumo IV was barrel aged on 2016 Cabernet Franc grape pomace and the other part was barrel aged on the lees from the same wine. The resulting blend is a harmonious trilogy of elements expressing a bold tannin, wild strawberry, and dare we say gamay-esque character (from the cab franc skins), a rich, textured, and barnyard character (from the lees) and a full-bodied, green pepper, mixed-berry aroma (from the most honest expression of cab franc ever to come out of Ontario). But, don’t worry, there is a complex delicate funk and light acidity from our house mixed-culture – just in case you needed reminding that we’re a brewery!

Bumo IV will be released on Saturday February 24th at 2:00 PM in a limited run of 375 ml bottles available exclusively in the Burdock retail store and bar. Retail bottles will sell for $14, with a limit of 6 bottles per customer while supplies last.

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