Coal Harbour Brewing Releases Triticale Super Saison and Barrel-Aged Cherry & Vanilla Barley Wine

VANCOUVER, BC – Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter reports that Coal Harbour Brewing has released its first pair of new beers for 2018.

Triticale Super Saison (7.4% abv) is described as follows:

First bred during the late 19th century in Scotland and Germany, Triticale is a hybrid of wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale) which adds a delicate note of spice and a fuller, richer body to this Saison. Lemon peel, Szechuan Peppercorns and a touch of Blackberry make for a complex brew, while the yeast adds a refreshing tartness with aromatic esters.

Barrel-Aged Cherry & Vanilla Barley Wine (11.8% abv) is the first barrel-aged beer from the brewery, and has the following notes:

Brewed over a year ago, this Barley Wine has been aging on Cherries and Vanilla inside Okanagan red wine barrels. It pours a bright crimson with the oak, vanilla and cherries blending seamlessly. But unlike most English varieties, this barley wine is light, creamy and very drinkable despite its ABV.

Both beers are available now at the brewery – Triticale in 750 ml bottles, Barley Wine in 500 ml – and will be on the shelves at select private liquor stores in British Columbia soon.

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