Category 12 Brewing Announces Return of Transmutation Belgian Specialty Ale

VICTORIA, BC – Category 12 Brewing has announced the fourth annual release of its “signature limited release” beer.

Transmutation Belgian Specialty Ale (9.6% abv) is a Belgian Tripel style ale with the following origin story:

This beer truly started it all. In the early days of Michael’s homebrewing, he tended to only brew hop-forward beers. These beers didn’t interest Karen at all… until he made Transmutation. A mutation of a Belgian Tripel, Michael added more hops, and added handcrafted amber candi sugar to increase the ABV without adding maltiness. We follow that exact process to this day! With Karen’s interest sufficiently piqued, Michael had the support he needed to turn his passion into a business…

Transmutation is now available in growlers and 650 ml bottles at the brewery, with bottles shipping this week to select private liquor stores in British Columbia.

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