Burdock Brewery Releasing Brett Apricot Saison This Weekend

TORONTO, ON – Burdock Brewery has announced details for its latest limited edition beer, which is set for release this weekend.

Brett Apricot (7.5% abv) is described as follows:

This mixed-fermentation saison was aged on copious quantities of Ontario apricots – but after a month of macerating in stainless we felt it wasn’t apricot-y enough, so we added a metric wack-tonne of apricot puree – but then it was TOO apricot-y so we decided to barrel age it for a year in neutral oak. Now, it’s perfect. Massive subtle elegance, screaming whispers of stone fruit and flowing streams of vinous textures & acidity.

Brett Apricot will be released tomorrow (March 10th) at 2:00 PM in a limited run of 375 ml bottles available exclusively at Burdock, where it will be selling in the shop for $9 per bottle with no purchase limit.

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