Brassroots Brewing Launching Soon in Ontario with Darkwood Blackberry Saison

TORONTO, ONOntario Beverage Network reports that a new brewery currently looking for a location to build will soon be entering the market with a contract brewed version of its first beer.

Brassroots Brewing is being founded by Jonathan Park, Cory Brockbank, and an unnamed partner. Park tells OBN that they are “planning on doing a sour focused Barrel House modeled after some of our favourite sour producers like Funk Factory Geuzeria and Crooked Stave.”

Brassroots will be launching with Darkwood Blackberry Saison, which is currently being brewed at Sawdust City Brewing, while the partners scout a spot for a bricks-and-mortar facility in the Barrie area.

Darkwood Blackberry Saison will be available on tap at select bars and restaurants in April, with an LCBO release planned to follow at a later date. For more details, see the Brassroots Facebook page and Instagram feed.

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