Odd Society Spirits Launches Naturally Fermented Ginger Beer

VANCOUVER, BC – Odd Society Spirits has announced the launch of a new beverage that is “sharp on the tongue and straight to the point”.

Odd Society Ginger (4% abv) was developed based on brewer and distiller Joel McNichol’s aim to “create a refreshing beverage without adding unnecessary alcohol, just what occurs organically.” The result is described as follows:

This locally crafted ginger beer, made with fermented organic sugar and fresh ginger, is extremely refreshing with a satisfying finish. Simply made with water, organic sugar, yeast, chilli peppers, dried orange peel, and fresh ginger, lemon and lime, Ginger is light, balanced and perfectly spicy.

Odd Society Ginger is available now in 4-packs of 473 ml cans for $20 at the Odd Society retail store and select farmers markets. For more details, see the Odd Society Facebook page.

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