Steam Whistle Brewing Launching Von Bugle Brewing Spin-off in Etobicoke

TORONTO, ONDaily Hive reports that Steam Whistle Brewing, a veteran Toronto brewery known a single iconic brand, will soon launching not only a second beer, but also a second brewery to produce it.

Von Bugle Brewing will be opening later this year at 249 Evans Avenue in Etobicoke, and the article provides the following details:

Founding Steam Whistle partner Cam Heaps shares […] that the new brewery, helmed by Brew Master Marek Mikunda, will continue in the tradition of German and Czech lagers – meaning cold fermenting and long-aging for maximum sessionability. Expect the new beer to be a member of the dark beer category, somewhere between amber to black and comprising an exclusively secured proprietary hop from the Czech Republic.

The report also notes that the new facility with feature “a full customer experience with tasting opportunities and retail.”

More details on Von Bugle and its beer should be announced as the brewery opening approaches.

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