Cameron’s Brewing Announces First Light Session Lager

OAKVILLE, ON – Cameron’s Brewing has announced the release of a new beer aimed at those looking for “a low alcohol crisp light beer” that is still craft brewed.

First Light Session Lager (4% abv, 12 IBU) is a “amooth, crisp, clean and dry” beer that brewmaster Jason Britton describes as follows:

When creating First Light, our main concern was to maintain a level of body and brew something more than those watery corny flavored ‘lite’ lagers we all know. However, we realized that the long lagering process makes it difficult to maintain hop flavors and get the desired crisp maltiness and depth that we wanted. So, to add some subtle flavor, we played with the minerality that delivers a distinct dryness in the back of the palate allowing for a crisp taste that begs for another sip. Finally, long lagering leaves the beer with a clean definition.

First Light Session Lager will be launching on April 16th, and will be available in 473 ml cans at the Cameron’s retail store, and on tap at select bars and restaurants in Ontario.

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