Black Bridge Brewing Now Open in Kahnawake, Quebec

KAHNAWAKE, QCCBC News reports that a new brewery in Quebec has made history by being the first in the province to open on a First Nations reserve.

Black Bridge Brewing is located in Kahnawake, a Mohawk Territory on the shore of the St. Lawrence River south of Montreal.

Open since mid-March, the brewery takes its name from a nickname of the Saint-Laurent Railway Bridge, which was built by a team that included many Mohawk metal workers.

Beers available in glasses and growlers at Black Bridge – which is unrelated to the similarly named Saskatchewan brewery – include Black Bridge Blonde (4.6% abv), Goose Neck Belgian Wit (5.4% abv), Hard Day’s Work ESB (5% abv), Bull Pin American Pale Ale (5% abv), Bammer Stout (4.7% abv), 3 Hops This Time IPA (6.6% abv), Good Old Days Double IPA (8.5% abv), and Nail Bender English Brown (4% abv).

For more details, see the Black Bridge Brewing Facebook page, and the full CBC News article.

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