Bench Creek Brewing & Black Bridge Brewery Releasing Interprovincial Collaboration

YELLOWHEAD COUNTY, AB & SWIFT CURRENT, SK – Alberta’s Bench Creek Brewing and Saskatchewan’s Black Bridge Brewery have announced an upcoming release intended to show that despite the recent bickering between their respective provincial governments, “working together to make superior products is good for everyone.”

Hop The Fence Kettle Sour IPA (6% abv, 35 IBU) is described as follows:

Combines the tart, light body of a kettle sour with the bright, fruity and refreshing hop character of an India Pale Ale. Simple malt character with just hints of cracker and sweet grain allow the complexity of the lactobacillus strains to shine through. Soured overnight in the kettle using a pitch of probiotics with >10 strains of lactobacillus. Tart but not puckeringly sour, with a clean bitterness that helps refresh the palate for the next sip. Huge aromas of peaches and crisp white wine mesh with subtle background flavours of mango and gooseberries.

Hop The Fence has been brewed from the same recipe at both Bench Creek and Black Bridge, and each brewery will be releasing cans of their respective versions on Friday April 20th. Both editions will be distributed in Alberta and Saskatchewan, with some retailers offering special 2×2-packs featuring two cans of each version.

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