Steam Whistle Brewing Receives Water Conservation Award

TORONTO, ON – The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) has announced that it has presented Steam Whistle Brewing with its National Water Wise Award for “commitment to water conservation and purification in its core operations.”

From a press release announcing the award:

Steam Whistle recently launched a new program to conserve as much water as possible through the installation of water-saving equipment like its new bottle washer, keg filling line and shower heads on the packaging line.

While spring water is used in brewing the beer, Steam Whistle’s conservation efforts are focused on its use of municipal tap water in operations to wash bottles, cans, kegs, tanks and floors of the packaging line, as well as water in the office, administration and hospitality areas.

“We’ve examined every aspect of our business to minimize our environmental impacts,” explains Cam Heaps, CEO of Steam Whistle. “We’re also working with water quality experts to improve the purity of our wastewater from operations.”

For more details, see the full press release.

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