Tidehouse Brewing Releasing Pepperoni Ghost Porter

HALIFAX, NS – Tidehouse Brewing has announced the upcoming release of a new limited edition beer with a couple of atypical ingredients.

Pepperoni Ghost (5.3% abv) is a porter made with the addition of Brothers Meats pepperoni and ghost peppers. It’s described as follows:

Attention grabbing? Yes.
Gimmicky? Yes.
Sacrificing cool points? Sure, why not… but it’s a beer that straight up tastes like spicy pepperoni. It even kinda looks like it. A light bodied porter, herbal, smokey, super spicy, with a dark red head.

Pepperoni Ghost will be released on Friday May 18th at 2:00 PM at Tidehouse, where it will be available in 355 ml bottles and 4 ounce sample glasses.

[Image from Tidehouse Brewing Instagram feed]

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