Mill Street Brewery Releases Organic Mix Pack

TORONTO, ONMill Street Brewery has announced the release of a new variety pack featuring four certified organic beers.

The simply named Mill Street Organic Mix Pack includes 473 ml cans of two established brands – Original Organic Lager (4.2% abv, 11 IBU) and 100th Meridian Organic Amber Lager (5% abv, 24 IBU) – along with the brand new Organic Pale Ale (5.4% abv, 40 IBU) and Organic Weissbier (4.8% abv, 16 IBU). The latter two are described as follows:

We brew our Mill Street Organic Pale Ale to our own high standards. Certified organic malts and organic Bravo, Calypso and Cascade hops are paired with our ale yeast. This beer has a wonderful fruity, earthy and crisply citrus aroma with a very clean malt undertone.

Our unfiltered Organic Weissbier is made with organic malted wheat and barley to give it a distinctively light, smooth creaminess. The delicate banana-bread bouquet is from our German “Hefe-Weizen” yeast culture. Organic Spalt hops lend a lightly floral nose to this German classic.

The Organic Mix Pack is available now at LCBO locations throughout Ontario.

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