Townsite Brewing Hulks Series Continues with Quartz Blended Wild Ale

POWELL RIVER, BC – Townsite Brewing has announced details of this year’s instalment in an annual series of beers inspired by a unique local landmark.

The Hulks Series is named after a group of concrete ships known as “The Hulks” that make up a floating breakwater in the Powell River near the brewery, which each beer in the series taking the name of one of the ships.

The series was initiated in 2012 with a Belgian Tripel called Charleston – which was subsequently promoted to become an annual seasonal release – and continued in 2013 with another Tripel called YOGN 82. These were followed in 2014 by Cardena Belgian Quad, in 2015 by Le Chatelier Belgian Sour Ale, in 2016 by Peralta Wild Pale Ale, and last year by Thaddeus Oud Bruin.

For the 7th annual release, the series offers Quartz Blended Wild Ale, which has the following description:

First a saison was brewed to act as a base beer and then the fun began. 3 years worth of wildly fermented beer from our Bois Sauvage series were blended. Barrels from 2015, 2016 and 2017 were chosen for their cohesive flavours: the 2015 barrel was very dry with mineral flavours, 2016’s was quite sour and fruity, while the 2017 barrel was funky and tart. The flavour profile of this beer is complex, there is no other word for it. Dry and minerally while at the same time fruity and estery. The Brettanomyces flavours are subtle, less horse blanket more pineapple.

Townsite Quartz — which features a label designed by local artist Mark Short – will be available in the Townsite tasting room on June 7th. 650 ml bottles will be distributed to select private liquor stores starting the week of June 11th.

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