Boxing Rock Brewing Releases Winner of Black Box Challenge 2018

SHELBURNE, NS – Boxing Rock Brewing has announced the release of the winning beer from the 2018 edition of its Black Box Challenge homebrewing competition.

Oh, Snap! (6.1% abv) is described as follows:

Brewed in collaboration with winning home-brewer Aaron Spanik, this American style brown ale is lightly infused with ginger. Combined with carefully selected light and dark roasted malts, the palate is reminiscent of dark biscuit – almost like a ginger snap. The hop profile is all classic North American with a healthy dose of dry hops rounding out the finish.

Oh, Snap! is available starting today (June 6th) in 650 ml bottles at the Boxing Rock retail store. It will also be available from the Boxing Rock booths at the Seaport and Alderney farmers markets, as well as at private beer stores in Nova Scotia while supplies last.

[Photo from Boxing Rock Facebook page]

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