Canadian Homebrewers Association Announces Formation

VANCOUVER, BC – A new organization aiming to unite and support homebrewers across Canada has announced its formation.

The Canadian Homebrewers Association has been founded by Scott Butchart and Kathy Yan Li in Vancouver, who have enlisted help from representatives from across the country, as they describe:

A few groups have tried making this happen over the years, but struggled to make it expand outside of their region, so it was very important for us to make sure that when we decided to do this, it represented all Canadian homebrewers from all the provinces and territories. So we did a call out for regional directors, and we now have a board of enthusiastic homebrewers well-connected with their area to work with. The challenge is that Canada has a small population of homebrewers spread across a huge land mass, with each pocket of homebrewers having its own culture, so local representation is very crucial.

Membership to the group is $20 per year for individuals, with a number of perks available to members including discounts at homebrew suppliers, breweries, and bars. A discounted two-year membership for $30 is also available via a fundraising campaign that the non-profit group is currently running on Kickstarter.

For more details, see the Kickstarter campaign page, and the Canadian Homebrewers Association Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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