Beau’s Brewing Wild Oats Series Continues with De Berry’s Treasure Gose

VANKLEEK HILL, ON – Beau’s All Natural Brewing has announced details of the next instalment in its Wild Oats series of limited edition beers.

De Berry’s Treasure (4.5% abv, 10 IBU) is a black raspberry and rhubarb gose originally brewed by the women of Beau’s for a Society of Beer Drinking Ladies event in 2016. Now back in a wider release, it’s described as follows:

De Berry’s Treasure pours bright alizarin with white foam and a slight haze. The aroma is fruity, combining berry and rhubarb notes. This light-bodied beer has tangy flavour. The finish is clean with a subtle salt linger.

De Berry’s Treasure will be released next Thursday June 21st, and will be available at LCBO locations throughout Ontario and the Beau’s retail store and BYBO delivery service.

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