Elite Brewing & Cidery Now Open in Calgary

CALGARY, AB – A new brewpub with a military history theme is now open in Calgary’s Crescent Heights neighbourhood.

Elite Brewing & Cidery explains its name and theme as follows:

Elite Brewing concept is similar to elite military units like the British SAS, US Navy Seals and Delta forces. Those soldiers are handpicked and go thought tremendous training and character testing. The remaining who are filtered through the quality testing processes become the Elite! These Elite soldiers are then provided with the best equipment available to aid their mission success. Elite Brewing has taken these same traits of these premium units and has applied them to building a craft brewery.

Elite features a 143-seat restaurant and taproom, with 32 taps pouring a selection of both house-brewed beers and ciders and other local craft brews. The Elite beers will rotate on a constant basis, although some may go through a number of iterations as part of a special Mark Series, with each given a military-style “MK” number designation to indicate its version.

The brewery also notes that it will not be selling packaged product, although limited kegs may be available for other local bars “if there is enough to go around.” And in keeping with the military theme, a portion of all profits will be donated to charities that support veterans.

Elite Brewing & Cidery is located at 1319 Edmonton Trail NE. Following a soft opening earlier this week, it’s grand opening is taking place today and tomorrow (June 28th and 29th) from 4:00 PM to 12:00 midnight, with live music from the Nova Scotiables on both nights.

For more details, see the Elite Brewing & Cidery website and Facebook page.

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