Good Buddy Brewing Debuts as Newest Partner at Callister Brewing

VANCOUVER, BC – Good Buddy Brewing has been announced as the latest partner at Callister Brewing, a brewery that operates under a unique business model described as a “hybrid of co-op and contract brewing.”

Good Buddy has been founded by Tim Rennie, who has been using the name for his homebrewing project for several years. He has also done stints at a number of B.C. breweries, including several months as head brewer at Salt Spring Island Ales.

In a recent interview with Vancouver Brewery Tours, he describes his brewing philosophy as follows:

Good Buddy Brewing is my take at the brewing industry. We’re sort of the little brother or the goofy friend in the craft beer world. We want to focus on making beers that are a little weird and playful. For me drinking beer has always been about hanging out with your friends and family and just having a great time and that’s what I want everyone to feel when they drink GB.

The first beer Good Buddy beer to be brewed at Callister is a Peanut Butter & Jelly Stout that went on tap last week. Sad Dad IPA, a “flagship” from Rennie’s homebrewing days, is also likely to appear soon.

Good Buddy will be brewing at Callister until June 2019 alongside Sundown Brewing and a third new partner yet to be announced. They are replacing the recently departed MorningStar Brewing, Night Owl Brewing, and Real Cask.

For more details, see the Good Buddy Brewing pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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