Nunavut Brewing Company On Hold Due To Water Shortage

IQALUIT, NUCBC News reports that an imminent water shortage in Iqaluit has delayed the opening of Nunavut’s first brewery.

Nunavut Brewing Company has been in the works since 2015, and is ready to start production. But due to lower than usual water levels in the Lake Geraldine reservoir that supplies the city, additional water would need to be trucked in to have enough available for brewing, an option that is not allowed under current water and sewage bylaws.

According to the article, Iqaluit city council debated updating the bylaws earlier this week to allow private water haulage for businesses, including the brewery. While some councilors argued in favour of the change since it would “further stretch the city’s water supply with more businesses requesting private hauling,” others were “afraid [that] opening up the supply to independent haulers will lead to the privatization of water.” The change was ultimately voted down by the council.

Katie Barbour, general manager of Nunavut Brewing Company, told CBC that the brewery is losing “thousands of dollars each day” due to the delays. She also notes that the brewery expects to require water from Lake Geraldine on a temporary basis, as it is located near the Sylvia Grinnell River and has received territorial approval to use it as a water source. But that would still require trucking in the water, and private haulage of sewage from the brewery will also be needed.

The bylaw change to allow private haulage of water and sewage is expected to be reintroduced at the next city council meeting. In the meantime, the opening of Nunavut Brewing will likely remain on hold pending a final decision.

For more details, see the full CBC News article.

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