Tatamagouche Brewing Releases Man-O-War Extra Strong Ale

TATAMAGOUCHE, NS – Tatamagouche Brewing has announced details of a new limited edition beer that is so strong it required the brewery to get a new license to brew it.

As reported by Atlantic Canada Beer Blog, beers brewed in Nova Scotia are allowed to be up to 11.9% abv in strength, and a distillery license is required to brew anything stronger. So Tatamagouche got that additional license in order to release Man-O-War Extra Strong Ale (15.2% abv), which is described as follows:

Aged for months in grape brandy barrels, this powerhouse attains its might from a nearly-indestructible ancient Norwegian Hornindal Kveik strain of non-purified yeast. The finished product is a potent yet smooth sipping Ale with brawny fruit undertones and a pleasantly warming finish, perfect for sharing with your fellow warriors.

Man-O-War is available now at the brewery in a limited run of 500 ml bottles.

[Photo from Tatamagouche Brewing Facebook page]

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