Bandit Brewery YY* Series Continues with YY*→AKL Kiwi Mango Milkshake IPA

TORONTO, ON – Bandit Brewery has announced the release of the latest in the YY* Series of milkshake IPAs that are “inspired by some of our very favourite locales and travel destinations.”

YY*→AKL (6% abv) is a Kiwi Mango Milkshake IPA inspired by the New Zealand. It’s described as follows:

With every new fruit we work with, there are always adjustments to be made to the recipe. This time around, we changed the hop variety used for the dry-hopping process to Willamette in order to provide the beer more fruity and floral aromas. “YY* series is always different from one to another, which is pretty challenging but exciting for our brewers,” explains Benoit, the brewer in control of this batch. “This definitively one of my favourites in the series, and I’m excited to hear the feedback from our customers.”

YY*→AKL will be available on tap and in bottles at Bandit starting today (August 3rd) while supplies last.

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