Field House Brewing Releases Dry-Hopped Citra Apricot Sour

ABBOTSFORD, BC – Bring Your Porter to the Slaughter reports that Field House Brewing has released a new limited edition beer.

Dry-Hopped Citra Apricot Sour (6.5% abv, 10 IBU) was released this past weekend during the brewery’s Field Day Fest, and is described as follows:

This beer was fermented with a wild saccharomyces yeast strain, hopped solely with Citra, and then matured on 300 lbs of apricots. Tropical fruit notes fuse with stone fruit and acidity to create a complex yet approachable sour ale.

The new beer is available now on tap and in 650 ml bottles at Field House, with bottles also hitting local private liquor stores this week.

[Photo from Field House Brewing Facebook page]

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