Burdock Brewery Releasing Baby Riesling Saison

TORONTO, ON – Burdock Brewery has announced details of a new variation on an old favourite that will be released this weekend.

Baby Riesling (4.8% abv) is described as follows:

Members of the Baby series were all born from the same base grisette/low abv saison recipe but each was treated differently throughout their lives. Baby Original was the first of the litter – fermented in stainless and then packaged straight into bottle. Baby Riesling (aka “Griesling”) was also fermented in stainless but was blended with a small quantity of Niagara-on-the-Lake Riesling before bottling (~5%) and has been gestating for about 7 months.

Baby Riesling will be released tomorrow (August 18th) at 2:00 PM at Burdock in a limited run of 375 ml bottles. A third version  – “the eldest baby (in the blurry distance)” – will be announced and released at a later date.

[Photo from Burdock Instagram feed]

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