Nunavut Brewing Company Receives Approval for Extra Water Use, Planning August Opening

IQALUIT, NU – CBC News reports that an issue that has been holding up the launch of Nunavut’s first brewery has been resolved, setting the stage for its opening later this month.

As reported several weeks agoNunavut Brewing Company has been unable to open for months due to an Iqaluit bylaw that limits city water delivery to businesses to 2000 litres per day, and does not allow for the use of private services to haul in additional water.

A proposed amendment to the bylaw to allow private water haulage was voted down by city council last month, but in a meeting earlier this week, councillors voted to allow city staff to deliver additional water above the 2000 litre limit to businesses that require it.

Nunavut Brewing brewmaster Mike Wayne tells CBC News that “the [brewery] ownership team has been phenomenal for managing through all of these challenges, so I think I am most excited by being able to offer them a beer.”

If all goes to plan, Nunavut Brewing Company will be open on August 24th.

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