Bandit Brewery YY* Series Continues with YY*→SJO Pineapple Vanilla Milkshake IPA

TORONTO, ON – Bandit Brewery has announced the release of the latest in the YY* Series of milkshake IPAs that are “inspired by some of our very favourite locales and travel destinations.”

YY*→SJO (6% abv) is a Pineapple Vanilla Milkshake IPA brewed as a tribute to Costa Rica, and described as follows:

For this beer we decided to go in an entirely tropical direction, so we opted for El Dorado hops, which really accentuate the pineapple flavours and even add a hint of mango to the beer. The addition of lactose and vanilla really help to round up this beer and provide it with a light sweetness that compliments the pineapple flavour perfectly, resulting in a full-flavoured, juicy beer with a solid body.

YY*→SJO is available now on tap and in bottles at Bandit while supplies last.

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