Craft Beer Passport Expands to London, Ontario

LONDON, ON – Ontario craft beer discovery app Craft Beer Passport has announced that it now features a number of venues in London and surrounding area.

The Craft Beer Passport app – available on iOS and Android – allows users to purchase credits that can be used to receive a 12-ounce glass of beer for $2 at participating locations. Each use will receive a virtual “stamp” showing that the bar or brewery has been visited. The app also includes a map of all venues, as well profiles including photos, operating hours, social media links, and more.

London and area establishments available on the app as of September 1st include Anderson Craft Ales, Black Swan Brewing, Forked River Brewing, London Brewing, Railway City Brewing, Toboggan Brewing, and Upper Thames Brewing, with Powerhouse Brewing coming on board when it opens next month. These join dozens previously active venues in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, and several other Ontario communities.

For more details and links to download the app, see the Craft Beer Passport website.

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