Waterloo Brewing and Fleming College Steele Centre Pub Launch 3 Penny Lager

PETERBOROUGH, ON – MyKawartha.com reports that Waterloo Brewing has created a new beer for the Steele Centre pub at the Peterborough Campus of Fleming College.

3 Penny Lager takes its name from the Three Pence Beaver design created by the college’s namesake Sir Sandford Fleming in 1851 for Canada’s first postage stamp.

The beer is described as “an easy-sipping, light lager […] created using a blend of North American hops to give a crisp and refreshing taste that’s lightly hopped but not overbearing,” and features a logo by a graphic design student at the college that pays tribute to Fleming’s original stamp.

3 Penny Lager is available exclusively on draught at Steele Centre. For more details, see the full article.

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