Toronto East Brewery Collective Announces Second Brewed in the East Event

TORONTO, ON – The Toronto East Brewery Collective – a group of ten breweries in Toronto’s East End that have banded together to present “events and initiatives benefiting the collective’s members as well as the community at large” – has announced details of its second event.

Brewed in the East: Gerrard Street Edition will take place on Wednesday October 10th at Maple Leaf Tavern (955 Gerrard St. E.), Poor Romeo (1029 Gerrard St. E.), and Vatican Gift Shop (1047 Gerrard St. E.), with ten late summer and early autumn beers – one each from Brunswick BierworksCommon Good Brewing, Eastbound BrewingGodspeed BreweryLeft Field BreweryLouis Cifer Brew Works, Muddy York BrewingRadical Road Brewing, Rorschach Brewing, and Saulter Street Brewery – available across the three venues, along with specially paired snack menus.

“Early October is a classic transitional period for beer styles,” says Jeff Manol of Muddy York in a statement. “The weather is still warm enough to drink sours, saisons, and IPAs, but you’re starting to crave beers with richer bodies, and roastier flavour profiles like dunkles, festbiers, and marzens.”

“Working with some of the great bars and restaurants on the East End is a continued focus for all of us,” adds Left Field’s Mandie Murphy. “We’re excited about the community that we’re all building, and these guys have created something special on Gerrard.”

Source: Toronto East Brewery Collective press release

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