33 Acres Brewing Expands Next Door With 33 Brewing Experiment

VANCOUVER, BC – 33 Acres Brewing has announced the opening of a new off-shoot brewery and taproom in the space next door to its original location.

33 Brewing Experiment was first revealed last month via an Instagram post that provided the following description of the new project:

Rather than just expanding 33 Acres Brewing Company and our current line up of beers, we wanted to open a space that was centred around experimentation. A facility to try new things; a place to fail, a place to be perfect, and a place to come together to let everyone inside to see how we create.

Ten 33BE beers have been released in the past several weeks as 6-packs of 355 ml cans available at select private liquor stores in Vancouver, and now with the opening of a 60-seat taproom, they can be enjoyed at the source.

33 Brewing Experiment is located at 25 W 8th Ave. in Vancouver. For more details, see the brewery’s Instagram feed.

Source: Scout Magazine
Photo: 33 Acres Brewing Instagram feed

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