Bench Creek Brewing Changes Name to Apex Predator Brewing

YELLOWHEAD COUNTY, AB – Bench Creek Brewing has announced that due to a legal challenge from another Canadian company, it has changed its name to Apex Predator Brewing.

As explained in a press release:

We would have loved nothing more than to continue with our moniker which we have used since 2014, but cash is king and we all feel our money is far better spent on equipment, more hops and of course amazing Alberta barley. The change is unfortunate but Bench Creek Brewing’s name is not what makes this company great. It is the family, friends and employees who started it that make it a great company. It’s these very people and all of our supporters from Alberta to Manitoba that will ensure our survival, for indeed we ALL believe in “Survival of the Fittest” out here in the Alberta Foothills. So, gone is Bench Creek Brewing and long live the Apex Predator for he is now the symbol of survival!

The final beer to be released under the Bench Creek name – and also the last in the Villainous Series of limited edition beers – is Humungus, described as “a triple IPA made with 30% more alc/vol and 80% more hops than the original Apex Predator Double IPA.”

For more details, see the full announcement on the Apex Predator Facebook page.

Source: Apex Predator Brewing press release
Photo: Apex Predator Brewing Facebook page

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