Province Brands and Brock Street Brewing Announce Production Partnership for Cannabis Beers

TORONTO, ON & WHITBY, ON – Province Brands of Canada has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Brock Street Brewing that will see the brewery produce cannabis-based beers using the former company’s patent-pending technology for making hemp and cannabis beverages.

Under the agreement, Brock Street will develop and market two products using the Province Brands production process: an alcohol-based beer brewed with food-grade hemp; and an alcohol-free beer brewed with marijuana that will intoxicate using THC and other phytocannabinoids.

The first beer will be brewed at Brock Street’s new facility in downtown Whitby which is due to open next month, while the latter will be brewed at the Province Brands facility in Grimsby once the production and sale of edible cannabis products is made legal in Canada. Both will be marketed under the Brock Street Brewing name.

This is the second brewing partnership for Province Brands, following last week’s announcement of cannabis beers being developed with Yukon Brewing in Whitehorse.

For more details, see the full announcement.

Source: Province Brands of Canada press release

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