Folly Brewing Announces Details of 3rd Annual Barasway Day

TORONTO, ON – Folly Brewing has announced details of its 3rd annual Barasway Day, which will be happening this coming weekend.

First held in 2017, Barasway Day marks the annual release Great Barasway, an Imperial Porter named after a community in Newfoundland, the home province of Folly’s founding brewers Christina Coady and Chris Conway.

The tradition has been kept alive by current brewer John Jenkinson, who has prepared two variants – Bourbon Barrel Great Barasway and Wine Barrel Great Barasway – for this year’s edition.

Barasway Day will be taking place on Saturday February 2nd, and in addition to bottles of both versions being available to purchase in Folly’s retail shop, the tap list in the brewpub will include the following:

Bourbon Barrel Great Barasway (Imperial Porter)
Wine Barrel Great Barasway (Imperial Porter)
Nitro Bourbon Great Barasway with Espresso and Vanilla
Nitro Wine Great Barasway with Raspberry
Promethean Fire (Cognac Barrel-Aged Flanders-Style Red)
Five Forty Two (Wine Barrel-Aged Saison)
Subversion (Pilsner)
Specular Reflection (Wine Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale)
Ghoul Wrangler (IPA)
Flemish Cap (Old World Saison)
Mixing Metaphors (NEPA)
Light Bearer (Grisette)
Dovercourt (APA)

For more details, see the Facebook event page.

Source & Photo: Folly Brewing

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