Market Brewing Releases Framboesa Catharina Sour

NEWMARKET, ON – Market Brewing has announced the release of the latest in an occasional series of fruit-flavoured kettle sours.

Framboesa Catharina Sour (3.8% abv. 7 IBU) is described as follows:

We collaborated with Small Batch Dispatch to make another Catharina Sour, this time with over 200 pounds of raspberries. The tartness of the raspberries compliment the sourness of this beer. Raspberry aroma leads into fruit sweetness and a smooth body. The sourness and higher level of carbonation puts a zip on the tip of your tongue. Pours a beautiful deep rosy hue, with a light pink head.

Framboesa Catharina Sour is available now at Market Brewing in 473 ml cans and on tap.

Source & Photo: Market Brewing mailing list

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