Railway City Brewing Releases 2019 Edition of Maple Bock

ST. THOMAS, ON – Railway City Brewing has announced the annual return of its spring seasonal beer, which is a “malty dark lager that features nature’s tastiest treat.”

Maple Bock (6.3% abv) is described as follows:

Maple Bock includes notes of molasses and dark maple syrup as well as dark fruit such as raisin and fig. On the palate, plum and toffee are foremost with a hint of chocolate. Like a good lager, Maple Bock is highly drinkable and impeccably clean with a crisp finish. It has a hint of sweetness with a minimal hop profile and produces a creamy mocha head that is dense in texture with little lacing.

This year’s edition of Maple Bock out now in a limited run of 473 ml cans, available at the Railway City retail store while supplies last.

Source & Photo: Railway City Brewing mailing list

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